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Planning drawings for a beautiful kitchen extension

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Loft conversion plans for a velux window loft conversion without a dormer

Loft Planning Drawings

Do you want to convert your loft into a new bedroom with en-suite, or an office at home away from the rest of the house? Above all, you’ll need to work with a good designer to visualise the space and create the perfect house plan drawing for your planning application.

Family in a loft conversion
Childrens bedroom in a loft conversion
Extension drawings for a family room

Extension Planning Drawings

Maybe an extension for that amazing kitchen/family room you’ve always wanted? Whatever you’re working towards, the right designer and perfect floor plan drawing will be key to your new space working just the way you dreamt it!

Older couple embracing in their kitchen extension
Beautiful kitchen extension
Planning application drawings for a garage conversion

Your Well Deserved Study

Get a new garden building or transform your garage into a quiet space to work. Most importantly, your architectural designer needs to understand how your house works, who uses what and why you want your new space to produce your planning application drawings.

Man trying to work at home
Lady working at home

“the architectural designer’s job is to create solutions using the perfect blend of form and function to reflect the client’s personality”

my planning drawings

3D Architectural Design For Planning Drawings

How To Draw A Floor Plan Using Amazing Software

We use the latest in 3D virtual reality design software ‘SketchUp’. It’s the perfect tool to visualise your finished project.

Problem Solving Challenge

The project above illustrates the power of 3D design perfectly.

They had a challenging practical and aesthetic design challenge for us. We had to come up with a solution to access the 2 mezzanines at either end of the house. Previously they had to use a ladder and crawl between the roof trusses. They could only get to one mezzanine floor as they weren’t connected. We knew the biggest constraint was the headroom, because the ridge height was just adequate for someone to stand under.

We started our design by building a virtual reality 3D model of the building. Consequently, it became apparent that the staircase would have to be brought up to first floor within a dormer. The 3D model identified that there was insufficient headroom.

After that we set to work drawing the dormers. Then we placed a bespoke iron and oak feature staircase in to the model so we could play around with different positions.

Problem Solved!

SketchUp enabled our clients to look around their newly designed house whilst it was still in the concept phase. To help them further visualise space, we drew a few scaled pieces of key furniture. Seeing these items in the 3D model resulted in making some final adjustments until it was just what our clients wanted.

The final design, from which we produced planning drawings, can be seen in the above video. We think the elemental attributes of the staircase compliment the rustic features of the barn beautifully. In conclusion, this handcrafted masterpiece is sure to make the owners feel connected with their building each time they go upstairs!

Aren’t Architects Expensive?

Yes they certainly can be…

We are different… Because our range of high quality architectural design and planning services cost a fraction of the price of most architects’. As, 3D design really is a game changer and our drawings are exactly the same (or in many cases better) than an architect’s. They are accepted by all Local Authorities for planning applications and building control approval. 

Also, unlike most architects, we don’t need a meeting at the property as we download floorplans online. We also use client photos, sketches, mobile video and telephone calls to understand our client’s requirements. Our service is designed to be personal, cost effective and high quality. Our architectural designers can usually cater for most of our client’s requirements. For complex issues our architect, structural engineer and planning consultant are available to help. We only consult with them when needed meaning that you are only paying for these services when absolutely necessary. With everything you need under one roof, we are ready to start on your building project.

Planning Drawings Cost

For a 35sqm residential kitchen extension costing £50,000 to build, an architect would typically charge about 3.5%* to produce planning drawings, which would therefore be in the region of £1,750 +VAT. By contrast we charge a fixed fee of £495 for a full set of drawings. Our prices are fixed, transparent (displayed to everyone on our website) and you only pay for the services you choose. We are so confident that you will not find cheaper planning drawing prices anywhere else, that we promise to undercut any competitor’s prices for the same service by £10.00.

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