Quick Guide to Structural Design

Why do I Need a Structural Engineer?

A structural engineer will be required to design a building scheme that will safely support the alterations made to a building during an extension or loft conversion (e.g. knocking down structural walls or amending roof outriggers). Whilst this level of detail is not usually needed for planning, it will be needed for builders to provide quotes and ultimately to give them a spec to build to. Sometimes the structural design is needed prior to a loft conversion planning application if it is required to determine the type of loft conversion that will be constructed.

We have worked on a wide range of residential projects from multi-residence building conversion and new build flats, right through to small private extensions in urban and rural settings.

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What Buildings Works Require a Structural Engineer?

A structural engineer will be required for an extension (to knock through the wall to provide an entrance to the new space). A loft conversion will require a structural engineer if you are having a dormer built or changing the roof from a hipped roof to a gable roof.

Our modern structural design service has been constructed with the same DNA as all our other services; it is low cost, fast and provides a great customer experience. Furthermore, our structural engineer is committed to designing the best and most cost effective building solution for your project. Unlike most structural engineers, we don’t usually need a site visit. Instead, we use mobile video, photos, sketches and we consult with other professionals working on your project (e.g. builders) to get the information we need. This means that we can work faster, avoiding costly delays when builders are waiting for details of the structural scheme, and our prices are low because we don’t need admin staff and an office to support mobile appointments.