Loft Conversion Planning Drawings

TIP – Make sure your architect/designer uses 3D virtual reality software to design your loft conversion planning drawings. They are the hardest spaces to visualise so this amazing tool will help you avoid changing the design later. Late changes can cause added expense, delays and sub-optimal results

Bedroom Loft Conversion,
Beautiful bedroom loft conversion without a dormer

Loft Conversion Planning Drawings Without a Dormer

Converting your loft space into a new bedroom with en-suite, or an office at home? Then you’ll need a good 3D designer to visualise the space. They’ll produce a high quality set of loft conversion planning drawings for your Planning or Permitted Development application.

A Dormer Loft Conversion Can Provide A Very Versatile Space Just Like any Other Room in Your House

We understand that it can be really difficult to look at traditional pencil outlined plan to visualise your new room. Especially for loft spaces which are dark, dusty and cramped before their transformation. Pencil drawn planning drawings are hard to visualise even for professionals who see these drawings every day!

Consequently all our loft conversion planning drawings come with a virtual reality 3D model. A game changer, certainly, to visualise your space. For just £495 we produce two 3D virtual reality models. One of the existing house and one of the proposed house. Enabling you to interact with and consider different layout configurations and architectural features.

Loft Conversions Are Ideal For Smaller Children’s Bedrooms Too as They Are Quieter Than Other Rooms

We can even draw your favourite pieces of furniture accurately and to scale. As a result helping you to see how they fit in to the overall design. We will help you to make whatever changes you like to the loft conversion model. Above all, we want you to be delighted with the final product.

In conclusion, My Planning Drawings is your place for loft conversion planning drawings.