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Do I Need Planning Permission?

15 October 2022
Planning Drawings

If you are thinking about converting your loft or garage to create more living space at home, or adding an extension to your house, you may not need planning permission.

A piece of planning law called ‘Permitted Development Rights’ entitles property owners to alter their buildings without applying for planning permission. This is a big advantage, as you don’t need to hope that your neighbours won’t block your planning application or worry that the council will reject your plans.

If your property qualifies for Permitted Development Rights, you could build a Permitted Development extension, a Permitted Development garage conversion or a Permitted Development loft conversion without applying for planning permission. IMPORTANT – you will still need to apply for a Lawful Development Certificate otherwise you could be left with a structure that is unlawful and needs to be taken down!

The term used to describe building projects built under Permitted Development rules is ‘Lawful Developments’. A homeowner would apply for a Lawful Development Certificate for their Lawful Development loft conversion, Lawful Development extension or Lawful Development garage conversion. The Lawful Development Certificate is used to show interested parties (e.g. future house buyers, mortgage companies or planning officers) that the development has been built legally.

If you would like to know if you are eligible for Permitted Development Rights or whether you’ll need to apply for Planning Permission use the button below and we will make an enquiry for you with your council at no charge.

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