3D Architectural Design

Our Design Tool of Choice is The Latest in 3D Virtual Reality Design Software ‘SketchUp’ as Used in the property renovation video above.

We completely redesigned this 400 year old former pub which was rebuilt throughout. We used SketchUp’s powerful 3D visual rendering capability to design a functional layout and a beautiful space that has that WOW factor the owners were looking for!

When you play the video you can see that the video is paused in certain places where photos of the finished property have been inserted to show how close to reality SketchUp really is.

3D Demo

You can view the 3D model of the 400 year old pub conversion in the above video on your phone, tablet, PC or Mac, just follow the steps below:

  1. Use the button below to download the 3D demo file and save it to your device

2. Use the button below to download SketchUp Viewer onto your device

3. You will need to create a free SketchUp account to login and use the 3D viewer

4. Login and from SketchUp Viewer open the 3D file that you saved on your device. This is what is the view of an iPhone screen where you would click on the cloud icon>files on device>select the file to open: