3D Architectural Design

Our Design Tool of Choice is The Latest in 3D Virtual Reality Design Software ‘SketchUp’ as Used in The Barn Conversion Video Above.

The owners of this pretty barn asked us to provide a functional design solution that enabled them to access the 2 mezzanine floors at either end of the building without using a ladder and crawling between the roof trusses to get onto the mezzanine floor. We knew that the biggest constraint in this project was going to be headroom, as the ridge height was only just adequate for someone to stand under.

We started, as we do on all our projects, by building a virtual reality 3D model faithfully replicating the dimensions of the project building. It quickly became apparent to ourselves and our client that the staircase would have to be brought up to first floor within a dormer, as there was insufficient headroom anywhere else.

We set to work drawing the dormers and we placed a bespoke iron, glass and oak feature staircase in to the model so we could play around with different positions.

Our 3D virtual reality software enabled our clients to look around their newly designed house whilst it was still in the concept phase. To help them further visualise space, we drew a few scaled pieces of key furniture items which resulted in some final adjustments to the scheme until it was just what our clients wanted.

The final design can be seen in this video. We think the elemental attributes of the staircase compliment the rustic features of the barn beautifully. This handcrafted masterpiece is sure to make the owners marvel and feel connected with their building each time they go upstairs!